Real estate and real estate project development


Our team is characterized by many years of expertise in the construction and real estate sector. We are part of a network of experts and experienced market partners and work with them successfully in the development of residential and commercial buildings (offices, retail spaces, hotels, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics) as well as real estate. Our focus ranges from the acquisition of a plot of land and the maintenance of existing properties to the sale of a developed property. Over the years we have completed a wide range of construction and real estate projects throughout Germany and have grown continuously.


Gerhard Loibl

Chief Executive Officer

Maysoun Hawat-Loibl

International Communication Manager

Sara Hawat

B. Eng.

Sandra Litter

Assistance to the Management


Volumen: EUR 15 Mio.

Kläranlage Bockau Thansau

Volumen: EUR 8,5 Mio

Mehrfamilienhaus München

Volumen: EUR 3,5 Mio

Penthouse-Wohnung München, Altstadt

Volumen: EUR 10 Mio.

Villa München – Bogenhausen

Volumen: EUR 22 Mio.

Gewerbe München

Volumen: EUR 25 Mio.

Hotel Rosenheim

Volumen: EUR 10 Mio.

Bestandsobjekt Hotel Bad Feilnbach


Gewerbe Wolfsburg verkauft


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Real estate and real estate project development

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